Eau de Parfum, Densité 13%
Qualité Supérieure


Famille qui groupe les parfums faits de fleurs comme la rose, le muguet, le jasmin, la violette…
Carré Blanc
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These perfumes have matured slowly in the Cellars of
the Castle of the Counts of Namur, near to Brussels
and to Paris, the perfume capital. Great perfume,
like a closely-guarded secret can be impenetrable or consenting, seductive or demure. The choice is infinite.
Candid invitation to voluptuous discovery, or a simple
desire to please ...
These are your perfumes, for you to master and enjoy!
Guy Delforge

Perfumery workshop Guy Delforge - Castle of the Counts
60 route Merveilleuse - 5000 Namur Citadel - Belgium

Gold Medal - London
Promotion des Arts - Caïus - Brussels
Mejor Imagen de Marca - Madrid
Médaille d'Or - Paris
World Quality Selection