Eau de Parfum, Densité 13%
Qualité Supérieure


Famille qui groupe les parfums faits de fleurs comme la rose, le muguet, le jasmin, la violette…
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How can I choose? Which perfume suits me ?

The choice is infinite, from the most subtle to the most powerful, from the most delicate to the most persistent.

Perfumes listed in “ The Palette of Perfumes ” are classified according to French and European Fragrances, from the freshest and most flower-scented to Perfumes of great distinction that last and linger ...

Our perception of different perfumes changes with the seasons, from hot summer to cold winter.
Certain types of food and medication will modify the myriads of different scents on our skin.
Cigarettes will also influence our olfactory sensitivity.

Spread the perfume on your skin, without rubbing! Wait a little ... two to five minutes, more with Carré Blanc, and your perfume will blossom and bloom for your great pleasure and endless satisfaction ! Apply perfume to your garments of wool, linen and cotton, from a distance of 40 cm to ensure an even application. These fabrics retain perfumes very well.

By precaution, avoid using on silks, fur, nylon or jewelry !

How can I send perfume to a friend, in Australia, for example ?

Very simply - we will take care of all formalities. Test by simulating a purchase. Click on the product of " The Palette of Perfumes ".

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